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The CBD Inka Mission

There’s so much information about CBD online, some is research based while a lot of it isn’t. We believe getting an accurate “big picture” is important when researching and buying CBD products online.

That’s the reason CBD Inka was made. This website wasn’t made to promote a specific product, but instead provides a platform for customers to read unbiased reviews, and compare products from industry-leading brands to make the most well-informed buying decision possible.

All the info we provide readers with, including overall company rating, CBD type and source, product ingredients, and lab test results are sourced directly from vendor websites to ensure accuracy.

For general customer inquiries, reach us at: [email protected]

For brand reviews and product listings, contact: [email protected]

For sponsored posts, featured products, or advertising: [email protected]

About CBD Inka
About CBD Inka 2

Our Values & Selection Process

The vision at CBD Inka is a world where everyone can experience the benefits of CBD. CBD Inka is the world’s online destination to learn about CBD, read CBD reviews, find CBD products and coupons, and buy them from legal, licensed retailers. Many people visit us each year because of our proven commitment to education and science-based information.

Community Driven. Transparent Data. Unbiased Reviews.