CBD – or cannibidiol – itself is a compound found in marijuana. It differs from the psychoactive components of the plant, though, in that it causes no high to speak of. Alabama residents were relieved to know that CBD would remain legal in their state after the passage of the Farm Bill and the organization of an entirely new industry that would make CBD readily available to people who need it.

Alabama CBD Oil Law in 2020

The 2018 Farm Bill was a monumental bill that legalized hemp products throughout the United States. As a federal law, it meant new hope for people who have long benefited from products like CBD oil. Chronic pain conditions and anxiety disorders are sometimes greatly improved with use of CBD, so it was a huge moment for people in all 50 states. Alabama was among the many states that benefited from the Farm Bill.

The law is often a tricky subject, with a single word determining if something is right or wrong. Despite the Farm Bill making hemp products legal, there were stipulations in the bill that defined the line between legal and illegal hemp products. You may wonder how one part of the marijuana plant is legal and another isn’t. The answer lies in THC content. It’s THC that brings on the high that comes from smoking marijuana. Other compounds in the plant that have less than 0.3% THC are actually legal to own in Alabama and everywhere else.

Since CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, it’s completely legal to own CBD oil in Alabama. And that’s a true cause for celebration here right now, as the state’s CBD users had worried that there would be some effort to outlaw it in the state. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and now Alabama residents everywhere are free to purchase CBD oil from online venues and brick and mortar stores.

Alabama has a specific law relating to CBD. It’s called Carly’s Law, and it was passed in 2014, dictating CBD legality in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and last year, 2019. In general, it says that possession and even use of these products are allowed under certain conditions. The condition at the time was a “debilitating epileptic condition,” something that CBD has sometimes been shown to help. Even a minor could legally own it at that time, provided their parents controlled the possession of the CBD oil and its content met that magical 0.3% mark.

The interesting thing about Alabama is that it has focused primarily on the medicinal uses of CBD oil and similar products. In fact, as early as 2014, you could acquire a prescription of CBD from a licensed physician. This focus on the medical benefits of CBD is a unique one among states, as many other states focused solely on the potential for psychoactive properties and whether or not it should be used for recreational purposes. Alabama’s recognition that CBD could help people suffering from a variety of medical disorders remains one of the most accurate perspectives on the product.

Alabama’s List of Medical Conditions

Alabama’s law on CBD is very specific and unique in the industry. If you’re in Alabama, you can use CBD for any one of a number of medical conditions, including:

  • Infection
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Debilitating Pain
  • Psychosis
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes Complications
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Crohn’s Disease

This is not an exhaustive list, and you should realize that many mental conditions also qualify for use of CBD. For example, if you’re very depressed or have generalized anxiety, you may be a candidate for a CBD prescription. Going forward, Alabama’s scientists will perform many more experiments to evaluate the safety and proper use of CBD oil.

If you’re in Alabama and need CBD oil for one or many conditions, it’s a great time to be alive right now. You’re going to be able to benefit from the widespread availability of CBD and the quick acting mechanisms of the substance. You can obtain CBD in many forms as well. It can even be used topically on things like achy joints and sprains. Pill forms and liquid forms also give people many different ways to take CBD and be comfortable with the method of ingestion (or application).

Where To Buy CBD Oil in Alabama

Alabama has very strict regulations about what constitutes “good” CBD oil products. For example, they want the CBD oil to be grown organically and be derived from hemp. It must be tested in a third-party lab and stand up to scrutiny by that same lab. And while there’s no specific law about this particular aspect of CBD, Alabama CBD experts recommend that you stay away from isolates, as they’re not as effective as a mix of compounds.

You can obtain CBD oil in Alabama by getting a prescription from a physician, something that is once again very unique among the states. Remember that not all medical doctors are licensed, so be on the lookout for a medical doctor who is licensed by the state and who has a good reputation in your community. Getting CBD from a doctor is sometimes more comfortable than buying it on your own, especially if you’re using it as a medicine to treat a chronic condition. Speaking with your doctor about benefits and side effects will educate you on CBD and make you more comfortable with using it.

Is CBD in Alabama Stores?

Alabama is one of the most enlightened areas of the country in terms of CBD oil. Even the government and doctors recognized its benefits before it was even really well-known to the public, so you can definitely find CBD oil in stores in Alabama. Some of the best places to buy are Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Dothan, and Ozark, although there are places all over the state, both big and small, that offer up a healthy serving of great CBD oil.

When you’re searching for a brick and mortar CBD staple, make sure that you look for the same things you might look for online. You want a physical store that has a great reputation, that boasts a solid stream of satisfied customers, and that is willing to answer your questions and provide more information about your CBD oil. You don’t just want a store that takes you money and hands you CBD, but you want that rare store that loves CBD just as much as you do and that is willing to discuss it with you if you need them to. In some ways, CBD stores are cultural places of business where people mix and mingle and share common ground (love of CBD).

How to Get CBD Oil in Alabama Online

If you’re in Alabama and don’t feel like buying CBD in person, remember that there is a great, glorious land out here called the Internet. It’s here that you can order CBD and have it delivered to you right in Alabama. The primary perk of buying online is the sheer ease of purchasing. You browse, research types, and you can even read in-depth reviews of specific vendors and products.

The advantage of shopping online is a powerful lure for CBD lovers everywhere. And while it’s nice to have a physical store to walk into when you can’t wait for shipping, it’s wise to select an online vendor as well. Finding a good online vendor isn’t a one day process. You might even try several vendors before you hit on a blend of CBD that you really love. Trust the process, and be on the lookout for dirt cheap CBD products that don’t seem to be doing much for you. In some cases, those can be bogus products that don’t contain much, or any, real CBD content.

Your doctor may even be able to recommend an online vendor that they like. And remember that some online vendors even offer discounts to people with disabilities or certain medical conditions that require them to use CBD for relief. These vendors are a true batch of superheroes, as they help people who really need CBD get it for much cheaper. Those other rare vendors will price their products fairly right off the bat, no discount needed.

Online vendors are a wonderful way to get CBD conveniently, and you may want to start there. You can also discuss CBD with your doctor and still obtain a prescription in Alabama, one of the really neat things about how CBD is viewed in the heart of Dixie. However you decide to get your CBD, you’ll also benefit from reading more about the best ways to use it for certain conditions, and of course, every brand and product has its own reputation.

Moving Forward with CBD in the Heart of Dixie

The Heart of Dixie has welcomed CBD products with open arms, mostly to usher in a new era in healthcare when people can treat their own conditions over the counter. If CBD works, and it does for many people, it’s very comforting to know that you can grab CBD legally anywhere you want and get immediate relief for your pain, no visit to the ER required. It saves time, clears up doctor’s offices, and lets people get relief without having to do a whole lot to obtain it.

People with chronic pain conditions will especially want to give CBD a try. With the most recent “war” on opiates, it’s natural that people are struggling to find alternatives to those pain relievers that actually work (although with many side effects). CBD’s low side effect profile and reputation for actually relieving pain will make it one of the best alternatives to those harsher, more addictive medications in the coming years.

Before buying CBD in Alabama, make sure that you evaluate your potential online or offline vendor thoroughly. Ensure that they grow their product organically and can show you third-party lab reports that spell out what is in your product. You’ll also want to know the exact THC content, as it is the THC content that determines whether it’s legal or not. Once you’ve done your homework, it’s a simple matter of ordering your CBD online or going into a store in Alabama to grab it.