While Georgia has had a long history of having extremely harsh marijuana laws, CBD actually legal in the state of Georgia. Not only is CBD legal, but it is even legal to be prescribed a low-THC cannabis oil to treat certain medical conditions. Here are some of the most important things to know about the legality of CBD oil in the state of Georgia:

CBD Oil Is Different Than Low-THC Cannabis Oil

CBD oil contains a significant quantity of THC, but the concentration of THC in the oil is negligible. In fact, it is mandated to be 0.3% or less by law, and a higher concentration would make the oil considered marijuana oil according to federal law. However, low-THC cannabis oil that is legal according to Georgia law for medical uses can contain any percentage of THC that’s under 5%.

Only Certain Conditions Qualify For Treatment With Low-THC Cannabis Oil

In order to be prescribed low-THC cannabis oil, you need to show that you are suffering from one of certain conditions. These are the conditions that will qualify you for a low-THC cannabis oil prescription:

Do You Have To Try Other Treatments First?

As with many states, medical marijuana patients in Georgia will generally need to try conventional medical treatments prior to being prescribed medical marijuana. If treatment with conventional prescriptions is ineffective or your doctor believes that medical marijuana could provide an added benefit, it may be prescribed to you.

How Do You Become A Medical Marijuana Patient?

You’ll need to get a card that proves that you’re legally allowed to possess a limited quantity of low-THC cannabis oil, and there is a 25 dollar fee to become a registered medical marijuana patient in the state. After you have obtained this card, you will be able to get low-THC oil at Georgia dispensaries once they open.

Because the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp federally, CBD oil from hemp with a THC level lower than 0.3% can be purchased online. Once in Florida however, the question as to whether that product will be in violation of state law has no answer in sight. Unfortunately, this has led to headlines being made when there was an arrest of a grandmother at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for possession of CBD oil. The charges were later dropped after a lawsuit was threatened against the arresting agency. Another major headline was when $500,000 worth of CBD product seized from one retailer in Tallahassee, Florida.

To complicate even this though, in March of 2019 reports were surfacing that Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried was trying to shut down the sale of products containing CBD in Florida, While CBD oil derived from marijuana is presently only allowed for persons with debilitating medical condition, CBD oil from hemp does not appear to be subject to such requirements but still the commissioner was persistent that the sale of CBD products is not legal in Florida. Some reports stated that Fried’s office is intending on sending cease and desist letters to businesses that sell CBD oil and other related products. Even with this, dozens of businesses all across the state still have over-the-counter CBD infused products.

Where Can You Buy Low-THC Oil & CBD Oil in Georgia

If you’re looking for CBD oil or low-THC oil, you’re probably wondering where it’s available in Georgia. Here’s what you need to know about finding these products in the state:

So is CBD oil legal in the State of Florida? The answer is now yes. It is clear that CBD products derived from marijuana are illegal to anyone who does not fall under the medical usage exemption. For hemp derived CBD oil, the legislation passed in 2019 did in fact legalize it. The end to one of the most complex statuses of CBD oil has legalized hemp derived CBD oil and made Florida the second largest retailer of the products. Only California does more sales of CBD related products than Florida.

CBD Oil Can Be Found At Supplement Stores

Many stores that sell supplements offer a variety of options for CBD oil. Often, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of brands. Not only can you find CBD supplements in stores that sell vitamins and supplements, but you can also find some CBD products in supermarkets and other locations that sell general merchandise.

However, all of the CBD products that are available for purchase in Georgia over the counter contain 0.3% THC or less. This makes them legal in nearly all 50 states, and recent changes to Georgia legislation ensures that all products that contain 0.3% THC or less are legal in the state of Georgia.

There Are Many Online Vendors That You Can Choose From

There are lots of options for ordering CBD online, and you can choose from many of the most well-regarded vendors. This will ensure that you are getting a quality product, and it can help to ensure that your CBD is as effective as possible. Here are some examples of the brands of CBD that you can order if you live in Georgia:

You Can Find Edibles & Beverages With CBD Already Added From Some Brands

There are numerous edibles and beverages that you can get with CBD already added to them. Some examples of products that you can get are CBD cookies, gummies, and various drinks (e.g. non-alcoholic beverages, such as ciders, coffees, and sodas). Edibles tend to last longer than vaporized CBD products, which makes them more popular among some customers. For instance, CBD edibles tend to be more effective for conditions that require all-night or all-day pain relief, and they’re also more effective for the relief of insomnia.

Some Shops Sell CBD Products That Can Be Vaporized

Not only can you get CBD products that are designed for ingestion, but you can also get CBD oils that are designed to be put in a vaporizer. These products are available online, but you’ll also be able to find them in smoke shops throughout the state of Georgia. These products can be either flavored or unflavored, and some of them contain added terpenes, which will enhance the effects of the product.