CBD is a product that thousands of people use, and millions of people remain curious about. Despite its high visibility, though, most people remain in the dark about the specifics of CBD and just why there has been a recent explosion in its popularity.

The term CBD itself is shortened from its more proper name: cannibidiol. That might sound very familiar to another very popular product: cannabis. The link in words isn’t a coincidence. CBD is actually a compound in both hemp and marijuana, but unlike THC, it’s not psychoactive, so it doesn’t cause intoxication or a “high” like the psychoactive compounds in marijuana.

Since CBD is related to hemp and marijuana, beginning users understandably want to know whether it’s even legal to consume CBD. No one wants to wake up tomorrow with a charge over a product they bought online. Most companies will tell you that CBD is legal in all 50 states, and to some degree, that’s true.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is currently researching CBD to determine its true “safety profile,” but for now it’s true that CBD is legal in all 50 states. That part is great news for Ohio residents who benefit from the many advantages of CBD products.

Cannabis is, but is CBD Oil Illegal in Ohio?

Despite the legal status of CBD in Ohio, many residents still mistakenly believe that it’s associated with an illegal substance: cannabis. CBD and cannabis are absolutely not the same thing, but when you believe something is true, often you don’t investigate further. Cannabis is still illegal in Ohio, and there are some stiff penalties for possessing it in any way.

For example, if you are caught with 100 grams of cannabis in Ohio, you now have a misdemeanor charge pending. You might be fined $150. Go further and possess 100-200 grams, and you’re looking at $250 fine and 30 days in a county lockup. That doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

Because of the fact that CBD and cannabis are associated with the same plant, they’re often confused for one another, but make no mistake: CBD is NOT cannabis! You will not be fined or jailed for possessing CBD products because they are not the same substance as cannabis.

Attitudes toward cannabis itself are rapidly changing in Ohio as well. Medicinal use is being explored, and the government there wants more information about potential medicinal uses of the drug. In the meantime, though, cannabis itself remains illegal. CBD, on the other hand, remains legal as of this writing.

CBD Oil Ohio Law

Ohio was one of the few states that responded very negatively to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Legislators even pushed back against the bill, attempting to go after CBD oil retailers and threatening legal action if retailers tried to sell CBD products in the state. After all, the Ohio government never said it was “legal” so they claimed they could still go after CBD and attempt to push it out of the state.

All of these plans were to no avail, though, because in July 2019, Mike DeWine – governor of Ohio – declared CBD and hemp products legal in the state of Ohio. The entire industry was spared any more legislative attempts and criminal crackdowns. However, Ohio is still working to test CBD products and make sure that they’re labeled accurately for everyone in the state.

Can I Use CBD in Ohio?

As you can see from the recent legislative progression, you absolutely can enjoy CBD products legally in Ohio with no worry whatsoever! There’s currently a lab testing program expending tons of money to test CBD and “keep consumers safe.” In the meantime, people are safely using CBD products all over the world right now.

If you plan to use CBD oil, you’ll want to know where you can buy it. You can buy it in physical stores all throughout Ohio now (although it may be harder to find in smaller, more rural areas) or you can buy it online very easily and legally. And remember the THC rule here. Look for products that have less than 0.3% THC so that you don’t get on the wrong side of the Farm bill.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Ohio

Despite the fact that CBD itself is safe, you will still want to be cautious of where to buy CBD in Ohio. You’ll want to know where it’s sourced from, see third-party lab reports that verify its contents and safety independently from the company selling it, and of course, make sure it reaches that 0.3% or less THC marker. While CBD is safe, that doesn’t mean that all companies are selling quality CBD products.

Companies who are reputable will have a lot of information about their products available. They’ll allow customers to review their products and the potency of those products. The hallmark of a reputable online CBD company is the third-party lab report. When you allow a lab to actually say, “This is what’s in this product,” you’re letting customers know that you’re selling a quality product you have confidence in. Reviews are also helpful in that they tell you what real customers thought of a specific CBD product. It can tell you what to use or what to steer clear of.

Ohio was late to the party, but the part has finally started, and people everywhere in the state can now grab their own line of CBD products. We recommend researching heavily before deciding on a vendor or vendors. Some folks will want to find one reputable vendor and stick with them, while others want to experiment with many different vendors. The most important thing to know is that no matter where you’re from in Ohio including Columbus, Dayton, Akron, Cleveland, Toledo, or Canton you now have a freedom that you didn’t have even a few short years ago. And the best way to celebrate freedom is to use it. We’ve put together a list of store locators to help you find a CBD near you in Ohio.

Benefits Residents Can Get from Ohio CBD Oil

Ohioans can benefit from CBD just like the rest of the world. CBD has been shown to help with many types of pain, anxiety, and depression. It can be taken in pill form, liquid form, and in some cases, it can even be applied topically. People use it for many different things, and now that it’s legal in Ohio, you can experiment yourself and find out all about the wonders of CBD without having to worry about any legal restrictions. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate.

The 2018 Farm Bill was an important one for anyone who uses CBD products. This bill made hemp products legal in the United States, and it was a federal law, so this is an active legalization of hemp throughout all 50 states. What classifies as hemp is a very important part of this bill: in order for the hemp product to be legal, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. This type of hemp is now legal to grow, buy, and use.

Coincidentally, Ohio is a part of the United States, so it’s covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. As long as there’s less than 0.3% THC in a hemp product, it’s safe and legal to own. And that’s a great thing for people who love CBD and similar products. In 2017, the World Health Organization released a report stating that CBD is safe. They even did up an entire safety profile for CBD, confirming its safety. Ohio residents now have access to legal, readily available CBD products.

Final Verdict on CBD Oil for Sale in Ohio

The day is here, and we’re all celebrating. Ohio was late to the party, becoming the 46th state to legalize an entirely new industry: the hemp industry. As they say, it’s better late than never. As one of the last states to legalize hemp, Ohio resisted the movement at first, trying to figure out a way to ignore the 2018 Farm Bill and continue trying to “bring down” CBD. Thankfully, those legislators against CBD failed completely, and now you can grab your own batch of CBD from local Ohio retailers or online whenever you want to.