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CbdFX Review

If you’re in the market for CBD products, CBDFX seems to have just about everything you need. As you may know, many companies have developed fun and interesting CBD products. CBDFX is no exception and sells CBD in the form of edibles, face masks, vape oils, topical creams, beverages and more.

CbdFX Review

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At a glance, the company closely resembles the sub-par companies that dish out all the possible CBD products they can just to make a pretty penny. These types of companies can be a red flag because real people with real health issues seek out these products and expect quality.

Since not all CBD manufacturers are created equal, I decided to vet CBDFX to see where the company and products really stand. Fortunately, I found that the products are held to high standards and can be trusted. In fact, all their CBD products are sourced from organically grown hemp plants.

Below you’ll find the results of my extensive research done on the company and its products.


What Exactly Is CBD Anyway?

In case you haven’t heard, CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp plants. Short for cannabidiol, it has less psychoactive effects than another popular cannabinoid, THC. Because CBD oil is meant to be legal and free of THC, it’s often extracted from hemp instead of marijuana since hemp doesn’t have as much THC.

Cannabis cannabinoids have been found to have numerous health benefits without many negative side-effects. CBD, in particular, can help with anxiety, insomnia, pain and seizures. Because of the positive health effects, CBD has been made into various types of products.

You may notice that a lot of cannabis manufacturers offer both CBD and hemp oil, which aren’t exactly the same. Although they are most likely sourced from the same plant (hemp), their chemical compositions differ.
As I stated earlier, cannabis plants contain cannabinoids, CBD being a popular one. Because the hemp plant actually contains a plethora of beneficial cannabinoids, to get CBD, it has to be isolated. Therefore, CBD oil is an isolated compound.

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil usually refers to the oil that comes directly from the seeds of the plant. This oil contains various compounds, including vitamins and minerals.

Lastly, there’s full spectrum CBD oil. This oil doesn’t contain any compounds in isolation, and it produces what is known as the hemptourage effect. Basically, this means that compounds work better in unison than they do in isolation.

About CbdFX: Company Info

CBDFX is based in Southern California where the CBD market has taken off full force. The folks at CBDFX take pride in offering both organic and innovative CBD products. Their mission is for everyone to have the opportunity to experience high quality cannabidiol products without sacrificing variety, fun and adventure.

Their products are many, as mentioned above. There are over 50 unique CBD products sold on their website. I was particularly impressed by their vegan CBD gummies, which are not made with nasty porcine gelatin.

While the products are popular, the company itself has, for the most part, remained out of the limelight. I assume this allows them to save costs and focus more on the quality and originality of their products. Even though the company is behind the scenes, it is easy to contact their customer service representatives, who were helpful and friendly.

Although the company seems legit, there were a few aspects I was wary about. For one, I can’t help but wonder why the company doesn’t have a startup story or an introduction to the finders, etc. This is because most favored companies with high-quality products are a bit more transparent.
Secondly, I did find that, even though their hemp is said to be organically grown, it doesn’t appear to be locally grown. In fact, I couldn’t get a straightforward answer about where exactly their hemp is grown.

One source says the European Union, another source claims the hemp is grown in Kentucky, U.S.A. Finally, I called the company to ask, and the representative told me their hemp is grown in Kansas. The website implies that they have multiple suppliers in mentioning their “partner farms” across the U.S.

This uncertainty just makes it more difficult to track down their hemp sources to determine if it is in fact organically grown and free of contaminants. With that said, at least there are thorough lab reports for each of their CBD products.

CbdFX Prices & Savings

  • CBD Tincture Costs
    CBD oil tinctures range in price from $60 to $120 for single bottles.

  • CBD Vape Pen, Juice & Additive Costs
    Vape Additives range in price from $19.99 to $75 depending on the strength.

  • CBD Edibles Costs
    CBD edibles range in cost from $6.99 to $50 including drinks and gummy bears.

  • CBD Skincare Product Costs
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Range of CBD Products CbdFX is Selling

As you probably already known, there is a plethora of CBD goodies on their website. I’ve taken the time to provide descriptions of each product range to help you determine if any of the products are right for you.

CBD Oil Tincture

One of the most popular forms of CBD use is through tinctures. CBDFX tincture oils are CO2 extracted. CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction has been found to be safe, effective and eco-friendly.

Their tinctures are available in varying strengths, including mild (500mg), medium (1,000mg) and strong (1,500mg).

Prices range from $59.99 to $119.99 for a single bottle. If you choose a 2-pack, expect to pay between $101.98 and $203.98 Lastly, a 3-pack will cost $236.99 and includes one of each strength.

CBD Oil Vape Additives

These oils are formulated for CBD vapes. So, vape users can get a dose of CBD at any time while vaping their favorite e-juice.

They are available in four strengths, which include 60 milligrams, 120 milligrams, 300 milligrams and 500 milligrams.

Prices in order of strength are $19.99, $34.99, $59.99 and $74.00. You can purchase them in packs of three for $72.99.

CBD Vape Juice

The vape juices are meant to be used alone, not as additives. They are available in 30 milliliter bottles and in three strengths, which include 200 milligrams, 500 milligrams and 1,000 milligrams.

New to the vape juice family are CBD terpenes oils that are made for vaping as well. Terpenes are cannabinoids, similar to THC and CBD, found in cannabis plants. They are responsible for giving plants their scent and taste as well as a host of health benefits.

CBD vape juice are available in 30 milliliter bottles and range from $29.99 to $49.00.

CBD Vape Pens & Kits

CBD and CBD terpene infused disposable vape pens are available in multiple flavors, including the following:

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Melon Cooler
  • Fresh Mint
  • Honeydew Ice
  • OG Kush CBD Terpenes
  • Tropic Breeze
  • Blue Dream CBD Terpenes
  • Pineapple Express CBD Terpenes
  • Platinum Rose CBD Terpenes
  • Sour Diesel CBD Terpenes
  • Gelato CBD Terpenes

The CBD pens are $14.99 while the propriety blend terpene infused pens are $19.99.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are chewy sweet treats that give you a boost of CBD in every bite (5 milligrams each). They are available in the original fruity flavor in addition to turmeric and spirulina and melatonin. These three flavors are $49.99.

Unlike most gummy treats, such as gummy bears, these are completely vegan. As I said earlier, I have an aversion to porcine gelatin. CBDFX uses pectin instead to give the gummies their chewy quality.

CBD Drinks & Beverages

The chill shots are delicious berry and lemonade flavored drinks that are just 2 ounces. Each shot is infused with 20 milligram strength full spectrum CBD oil. They’re designed to give you a fast-acting calm in times of stress.

Individual bottles are $6.99, and a 2-pack is $11.98.

CBD Wax Dabs

CBD dabs offers plenty of health benefits just like all the other forms. CBDFX dab wax contains 300 milligrams of all natural, organic CBD and a gram of 30 percent CBD oil.

The price of one dab is $49.99.

CBD Topicals

Lastly, some of CBDFX’s most innovative products are the topicals, including face masks, massage oils, serums, creams, balms, bath salts and facial cleansers.

These products range from $6.99 all the way up to $59.99 each.

Benefits of Buying from CbdFX

  • Excellent Customer Service
    The reviews regarding the company’s customer service are overwhelmingly positive. This is surprising considering the company is so mysterious.

    Customer service representatives were even knowledgeable about product ingredients and the benefits of CBD (you’d be surprised to know how many customer service representatives for CBD manufacturers don’t know this).

  • Product Variety
    I have a couple of favorite CBD oil brands. They each have the tinctures, salves and gummies.

    However, neither has as many selections from which to choose as CBDFX. This can prevent customers from having to go from one manufacturer to another trying to find a variety of CBD products.
  • Bundle Options
    CBD products aren’t cheap, and the higher the quality, the more expensive they come. That’s why it’s never a bad thing to buy in bulk. CBDFX offers plenty of bundles, which save you money in the long run.

    For instance, you can buy gift sets, tincture bundles, balm bundles, on-the-go bundles and more. CBDFX displays the amount of money you save for each bundle, so you don’t have to do all the math. Furthermore, you can just click on the bundles page to easily find them.

  • Shipping & Returns
    All products ship free within the United States, a rarity to be taken advantage of.

    As for returns, you’ll have to return any unwanted item within 30 days. It shouldn’t be opened or used if you want a full refund.
  • 3rd Party Lab Testing
    CBD manufacturers brag all day long about the safety and effectiveness of their products. Company claims in themselves should not be trusted, and that’s why third party testing is so important. CBDFX products all undergo independent testing by a third party, preventing bias and dishonesty.

    With all the dangerous counterfeit CBD products being sold, it’s a relief to find a company that shares their independent test results on their website. Even real CBD products can have various types of contaminants, including mold, metals, microbes and chemical solvents.


As I mentioned earlier, there are a few questionable aspects about the company. The fact that there is little known about the founders and the actual company itself is the first issue.

Perhaps the second issue is even more concerning. It’s just not clear where they are getting their goods (Kansas? Kentucky? EU?). Although there’s good customer service, I have to even question the representatives’ reputability if there’s no clear foundation. For all we know, they could just be following a script and lack ethics you’d expect from a company with a firm foundation.

Although there are few cons, I could understand why they could be a deal-breaker for some consumers.