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Endoca CBD Oil Review

According to Endoca, the company sells many of the highest quality CBD products currently available. The company offers original products manufactured using organic hemp. Most of the equipment used for the supercritical CO2 extraction is handmade. The products are considered some of the best CBD brands available across the globe.

Endoca CBD Review

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Endoca provides some of the highest quality CBD products currently available on the market. Every single Endoca product is tested for quality to make certain only the best possible products are being sold. Endoca takes its products so seriously, the company spends a lot of resources and money on quality control alone. Endoca is trying to raise the quality level of hemp in the industry by setting an excellent example.

Endoca has very little control over the price of the highest quality products available. The cost is simply what it is. This is the reason some people consider Endoca products expensive. Although we believe whether or not the cost is worth the results is a personal decision, we also believe it is. Endoca products are exceptional for alleviating chronic pain and handling both anxiety and stress.


The History of Endoca

A Genetics and Biotechnology student from the University of Copenhagen named Henry Vincenty founded Endoca. His unique and inspirational experience led to the founding of a brand not only different from the others, but also superior among the competition. We have detailed a short summary of his amazing journey. While Henry was studying, he was traveling throughout Africa. He helped with projects created to prolong the life of individuals suffering from AIDS.

Henry spent the majority of his time in mobile clinics. This was when he learned traditional medicine was a contributing factor to the deterioration of the patient’s health. This was when he began walking the path eventually leading to the founding of Endoca. Henry started questioning what he had been taught during his time at university. He started searching for options to restore both health and the immune system with no side effects.

After spending numerous years conducting research, he made the decision to open a clinic in Denmark, free of charge for the patients. The purpose of opening his clinic was debating natural medicine and offering alternative options to the media with the intent of saving lives. The result was an insatiable interest in hemp. When we thought about this for a time, we realized Henry deciding to research hemp and all the associated advantages made a lot of sense.

His story has since become a part of history. As the years have passed since Henry’s company was founded, the business has experienced a lot of growth. Henry is now able to offer an exceptional selection of organic and certified hemp products. All of the products are manufactured with cutting edge technological equipment. Every product is tested for safety, quality and health.

The Endoca Brand

Endoca is currently working on the establishment of a self-sustained village. The focus is being placed on using the features and patterns found in the natural ecosystem such as community resilience and regenerative agriculture. Endoca has made a commitment to preserve the environment through the reduction of plastic and paper waste. Endoca offers an excellent selection of products derived from organic and certified hemp plants.

No pesticides or herbicides are used to grow the hemp plants. The company makes certain all of the products are both healthy and safe by incorporating cutting edge testing and the highest quality equipment available in the world. Endoca takes pride in the creation of some of the top CBD products currently available. Endoca is one of the best suppliers of CBD anywhere in the world.

The Manufacturing of Endoca Products

All of the products are grown on land certified as organic. The result is products superior to organic. Endoca is 100 percent organic from the growth of hemp plants to production.

The commitment the company has made to help the environment includes creating packaging materials consisting of hemp fibers to decrease waste resulting from paper and plastic. Endoca uses handmade equipment using fuel derived from waste left by the restaurant sector.

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Endoca CBD Oil

Endoca has become extremely well known for its CBD oil. Both Endoca CBD hemp oil drops and raw hemp oil drops are available in both 300 and 1500 mg strengths. The key difference between raw hemp oil and hemp oil is raw hemp oil required gentle heat for transformation into CBDa, then CBD. To ensure the CBDa remains intact, there is no heat or filtration of raw hemp oil during production. The full spectrum of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant are maintained in Endoca raw hemp oil.

Every bottle of oil is non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. The oils offered by Endoca have less than 0.3 percent THC. THC is a psychoactive ingredient. In large doses, the ingredient causes a high. This means Endoca products do not cause psychoactive effects. The products are 100 percent legal. Endoca also uses the CO2 extraction methods, no doubt the best extraction process for CBD.

Capsules & Pills

One of the most convenient and simplest ways to take CBD is pills and capsules because they are so easy to swallow. Pills and capsules are also the best way to determine how much CBD is being consumed. CBD capsules are offered in both hemp oil and raw hemp oil. The strengths are 1500 mg and 300 mg. The hemp oil capsules contain CBD, where the raw capsules offer both CBDa and CBD. Each 300 mg capsule offers 10 mg or either CBD/CBDa or CBD.

The majority of people experience different reactions to CBD. Newer users generally begin with a lower dose. There are 30 capsules in each bottle regardless of the mg strength. The cost of a 300 mg bottle is $26. The cost of a 1500 mg bottle is $129. CBD capsules are recommended for individuals on-the-go. Raw hemp oil capsules do require refrigeration. If the capsules are exposed to a warm environment, the heat can convert the CBD into CBDa.

Endoca CBD Edibles

Endoca offers a variety of edibles. The most popular in the line is the CBD chewing gum. Gum is an incredibly pleasant way for individuals to receive a dose of CBD. There are 10 pieces of chewing gum in each box. Every piece of gum has 15 mg of CBD. Endoca makes the gum using 100 percent organic and natural food-grade ingredients. The cost of each box is $12. Endoca chewing gum is both fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Once the chewing gum has been thrown away, the components will break down then dissolve because they are all-natural. The only thing left behind is a little dust. Due to the enormous environmental issues resulting from traditional chewing gum, this is an exceptional benefit. The second most common type of litter throughout the world is chewing gum. The first is cigarette butts. In addition to the nature of CBD gum being biodegradable, there are additional benefits for chewing and swallowing the gum.

Another benefit of CBD gum is discretion and convenience. The user is left with a minty and fresh aroma as opposed to a burning throat or breath smelling like hemp. A box of gum can simply be carried in either a pocket or a bag. There are no capsules to swallow, and the possibility of a bottle leaking is eliminated. The consistency of the gum is unique due to the difference in texture to traditional chewing gum.

Only natural flavors derived using essential oils are used by Endoca. This means the minty flavor will not last nearly as long as the artificial mint flavor so common with traditional chewing gum.

Skincare Products

Endoca skincare products are made with food-grade, organic ingredients including coconut oil, vanilla and shea butter. The skincare products are so exceptionally pure, some of the users want to eat them. The recommendation is to refrain and smooth the products all over the body. The cost of the hemp salve is $64, Lips and Skin runs $8 and hemp whipped body butter can be purchased for $82. The CBD concentration contained in the Endoca hemp salve is 750 mg, to offer immediate relief from dry skin for both the body and face.

The additional ingredients include beeswax, vitamin E, peel oil, coconut oil, vanilla, cannabis sativa seed oil and Citrus Medica Limonum or lemon. The Endoca whipped body butter contains an extremely high concentration of CBD. A 100 ml container has 1500 mg of CBD. The product is rich in antioxidants, nourishing and moisturizing. The Lips and Skin offers 20 mg of CBD in every tube. The product was created to provide both skin and lips with additional moisture. The additional ingredients include coconut oil, hemp oil and vitamin E.

Endoca Cost / Prices

Due to the verified quality, the prices for Endoca products are reasonable. The cost of oils and capsules begin at $31 for 10 ml. CBD crystals containing 500 mg of CBD are $48. Endoca offers individuals purchasing larger volumes discounts. In comparison to competitors offering similar products, the prices charged by Endoca are generally lower.

Where to Purchase Endoca

The best place to purchase Endoca products is from the official website. The complete story about Endoca including the founding of the company can be read on the website. Endoca provides one of the most exceptional websites available in the CBD industry. All of the information anyone could possibly be searching for is found on the website. Some of the products such as the raw hemp oil offer potential benefits for both insomnia and anxiety.

Benefits of Endoca

  • Chemical Free
    All of the products are grown on certified organic land. This ensures every product is completely organic. Each bottle is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. All of the manufacturing equipment is made by hand. The fuel is derived from waste left by the restaurant sector.

  • Third Party Testing
    Extensive testing is conducted by third-party labs to ensure the quality and consistency of every Endoca product. Pharmaceutical and analytic labs perform quality tests using top biochemists and specialized equipment. Endoca has made a commitment to offering only the highest-quality CBD products.

  • Simple Ingredients
    Each bottle of Endoca CBD provides the 1:3 ratio recommended for Omega 3s and 6s. This is the same structure observed in nature. The effectiveness of every dose is maximized with naturally occurring ingredients and vitamin E.

  • High Potency
    Full-spectrum oils are not offered by a lot of brands because ingredients such as terpenes are lost during heating. The important compounds and cannabinoids are preserved by Endoca raw CBD oil. This means the user receives all of the benefits of CBDa, CBS and the natural molecules.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
    Endoca was founded with the mission of helping individuals failed by the practices of the mainstream industry. For this reason, Endoca has focused on the satisfaction of its customers. The company offers a fast delivery time and a quality guarantee. This ensures all products have been thoroughly tested.

Disadvantages of Endoca

For the most part, we were unable to find many disadvantages of Endoca products. Our only concern is industrial organic hemp is used for manufacturing the products. In most instances, this is a definite benefit. The issue is the potential for an entourage effect. This is when the full cannabinoid spectrum is lacking in the formula. We also considered the fact any full-spectrum product derived from hemp may not provide the same advantages as CBD derived from cannabis Indica.

Endoca Website

Endoca was established when the CBD industry was still new. The company offers an exceptional range of products. The Endoca website is one of the most compelling we have ever seen. Every product is given a complete description, outline of benefits, explanation and instructions for using the product. Every product offered by Endoca is of the highest possible quality.