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Green Garden Gold Review

With so many different CBD providers out there, it’s easy to lose sight of just how rare a truly first rate vendor really is. Yes, there are infinite numbers of CBD vendors out there with new ones popping up by the minute, but most of those vendors will come and go within the year. A rare vendor like Green Garden Gold is few and far between, and that’s why we’re choosing to focus in on them today in a Green Garden Gold CBD review.

Green Garden Gold CBD Review

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Summary & Overall Rating

Green Garden Gold is one of the most highly visible CBD companies in the world, with a loud media presence that is willing to go to bat for the effectiveness of CBD. They’ve even been mentioned by USA today! When your company grabs a spot in USA Today, you know you’re doing something right, and customers should know that, too. It’s not easy to gain the spotlight in a highly competitive industry like CBD, so the fact that green Garden Gold is everywhere is a sign that they’re a major player.

We’re more than a little impressed that they provide a full ingredient list of all their products. That’s not required in this industry; it’s also not the norm. You might say that Green Garden Gold goes above and beyond the call of duty to bring you the finest CBD products in the world. With free shipping offers and a near endless number of CBD products, they have really set a high bar for other companies to live up to in the future. We’d venture to say that they’re one of the top 10 CBD companies in the world right now.


As a premium vendor of multiple CBD products, they are more than just “Gold” by name. Their selection is gold, and so is their standard for quality. Generic CBD products are plentiful online, and there are so many vendors, that you really have to do something special to capture the CBD imagination these days. Green Garden Gold manages to do that with enormous selection, quality products, and top notch customer service, among other things they readily offer up to the casual and pro level CBD user alike.

Green Garden Gold Background

Sometimes it’s easier to understand a company when you learn a little bit about the heart and mind behind it. The heart and mind behind Green Garden Gold belongs to Justin Barrick. He recognized the medicinal potential of CBD almost immediately, and his company focuses on the health benefits of CBD, not its recreational use (while no one is faulting anyone for using it that way either, given its high level of safety). Justin is an Australian who wanted to share his version of CBD with the entire world, and so far he’s done that.

The company itself is situated in Dallas, Texas. Since 2014, they’ve churned out some of the industry’s finest CBD products, and they add still more products on a daily basis now. As the company has grown, so has their vision. The company did what all successful companies do: they started out with a solid basic product and then re-formulated over the years to devise the premium products they offer today.

The hemp used by Green Garden is organically grown in Colorado and uses an advanced supercritical C02 extraction process that is famous in the industry right now. Like all premium CBD products, you’ll find that Green Garden manufactures in a facility that is GMP certified (very important in today’s health conscious world). They oversee everything from beginning to finish with each of their CBD products.

The sheer range of products offered by Green Garden is enough to get you excited about CBD possibilities. There’s a product for every need. For example, some people prefer capsules, while others don’t like to swallow pills. With Green Garden, you have your pick of how to take CBD, and all of their products are devised with a “total body wellness” mentality that takes other non-CBD ingredients in mind. They don’t put anything harmful or artificial in their products, leading to a cleaner CBD experience that you can really feel good about.

Green Garden Gold Pricing & Discounts

Products on Green Garden Gold can get very expensive depending on how much CBD you use on a daily basis. Just remember that sometimes more expensive is better. It means that the company really put premium ingredients into the product, and premium costs the company and you as well. If it works, is it worth it? To the majority of people, the answer will be a resounding yes!

To give you a basic idea of cost here, you’ll find that Panidiol Joint Formula runs $69.99 right now. That’s compared to oils that range from $55.99 to $99.99 and confections that often go to $7.99 for two. All of these products can be bundled for optimal savings. Topicals will cost you $29.99 flat for all but your serum (it’s as much as $67.49). And if you’ve got a furry pet friend at home, they’ve even got CBD products to meet their needs as well.

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CBD Products at Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold Capsules

They have full-spectrum capsules such as Panidiol Joint Formula that focus on a specific problem and give chronic pain sufferers a go-to medication when times get rough. Capsules are the most widely accepted ways to use CBD, but it’s not the only way, and we’re happy that Green Garden recognized this and expanded their product line to other forms of CBD.

Green Garden Gold CBD Oil

CBD oils are also available at green Garden. They’ve got a multitude of flavors, sizes, and dosages to choose from so that you always get the right blend in the right amount. Just shopping through their CBD oils is a fun time for anyone who loves CBD.

Green Garden Gold Gummies

Not into oils or capsules and want an even funner way to take your CBD? You’ll find a host of gummies and other sweets to choose from, all of them infused with just the right amount of CBD for various needs. Dosages vary on the gummies as well, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Green Garden Gold Salve

Finally, there are many topical applications of CBD to choose from, including salves and gel. They even have a CBD spray that you can use on achy muscles and joints. While many people prefer to ingest CBD, it’s also very useful to pain sufferers to apply it directly on painful areas. Sometimes this can be even more effective than the capsules or oils.

Green Garden Gold CBD Features

We don’t tend to think of health products as having “features” but in reality, they have as many features as modern electrics. Just like an iPhone has “apps,” Green Garden CBD products have “wholesome ingredients” as part of their total package. How the health product is sourced, crafted, and sold matters, too.

  • CO2 Extraction
    Contaminants or residues aren’t left over after using this extremely clean extraction process, so you get more CBD potency and less filler!

  • iHeart Media Partnership
    Green Garden isn’t just creating great CBD. They’re educating people about it through their partnership with iHeart!

  • Free Shipping
    Order over $100 of CBD products from Green Garden and bask in the glow of free shipping!

  • Colorado Grown
    Green Garden CBD is crafted from 100% organically grown Colorado Hemp, one of the prime locations for quality hemp in the world!

  • Loyalty Rewards
    When you shop from Green Garden, you get great rewards for it, saving money on your CBD purchases!

Green Garden Gold Downfalls

Every beautiful day has its one imperfection, and the same goes for Green Garden’s stellar CBD company. For now, there’s no widely known third-party lab testing performed on its products, and that’s something that all of us want to see in the future. While it may be possible that Green Garden does test its products, it’s not published front and center on their website. Hopefully in the future this will be a new feature.