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MedTerra CBD Review

The website for MedTerra CBD is so attractive, the quality and value of the products becomes obvious very quickly. Once the consumer reads the information available about MedTerra, they learn this brand of CBD oil is 100 percent legitimate. The track record and reputation of MedTerra are just as impressive as the website. All of the company’s hemp is grown under strict guidelines established by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

MedTerra Review

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There are several reasons MedTerra is one of the best brands within the CBD industry. The hemp is derived from the Hemp Pilot Research Program of Kentucky. This ensures it is among the most potent, cleanest and purest available in the country. I personally like the fact MedTerra is one of the very few brands based 100 percent in the United States. Importing poor-quality hemp from either China or India is a lot cheaper.

Cheaper and poorer hemp leads to much lower quality products. I believe every CBD user will be pleased with the products available through MedTerra. Anyone with sleep issues should try the combination of CBD and melatonin sleeping pills. Every product used by either myself or my wife was effective. For this reason, I find MedTerra an exceptional company offering excellent CBD products. The other reviews I have read were also favorable.


The History of MedTerra

Most of the MedTerra team appears to have a background in industrial farming such as methodologies and research. In addition, the company was intelligent enough to hire a team of experts on quality control, vegetable genetics and the compound extraction process. The teams ensure the ideal ingredients are used for creating the best possible manufacturing company for CBD oil. MedTerra has also made a commitment to the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program.

Most of the industrial hemp based out of the United States comes from either Colorado or Kentucky. Legal CBD is derived from hemp. MedTerra strongly believes the quality of the plants grown in Kentucky are superior to what is available in Colorado. According to MedTerra, the reason Kentucky produces better hemp plants is a combination of the longer length of the growing season and the rich soil. Kentucky offers more of the key nutrients as opposed to the large desert area of Colorado.

Yes, MedTerra may be a little bit biased since the base of the operation is located in Kentucky. Despite this, there is no doubt the CBD oils are effective, pure, high-quality and offer an ideal taste. The only reason MedTerra is not one of the major names in the CBD industry is that the brand was not established until 2017. The company simply has not had enough time to be considered major. There are reasons MedTerra has gained so much credibility in such a short time.

The website is extremely professional, and consumers can see the third-party independent lab results verifying both the purity and content of the CBD. MedTerra is in full compliance with the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. The hemp used by the company is grown in United States, right in Kentucky. All MedTerra CBD oil is obtained using the CO2 extraction process. There is no THC in MedTerra CBD oil. The company additionally provides a selection of other products infused with CBD.

MedTerra currently offers capsules, 99% pure CBD isolate and vaporizers. The result is a quality product line consumers know is safe to use. In comparison to many of the competitors in the market, MetTerra products are not only reasonably priced, but extremely effective as well.

The Competitive Edge of MedTerra CBD Products

  • 99% pure CBD in every product

  • The is no THC in any products

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • 3rd party laboratory testing reports

  • GMO-free and organic hemp

  • Available in numerous countries & all 50 states

  • Grown in Kentucky, USA, by Agricultural experts
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CBD Products Offered by MedTerra

As the popularity and acceptance of CBD continue to increase, more and more new products are becoming available every day. Even veteran CBD users can become confused by the wide selection. For this reason, American Shaman offers different kinds of CBD products to meet the unique needs of every individual.

The company has made choosing the right product a little easier by breaking everything down. Although a lot of companies offer similar products, American Shaman is unique, with an understanding of both CBD products and the needs of consumers.

CBD Oil Tincture

The CBD tincture from MedTerra is manufactured using a pure CBD isolate 99.6 percent pure and guaranteed free of THC. The three strengths available are 500, 1,000 and 3,000 mg. Consumers should understand all of these tinctures are potent. One dosage from the 500 mg bottle contains approximately 16 mg of CBD. The 1,000 mg bottle offers 33 mg, with the 3,000 mg bottle providing 100 mg. All of the CBD oils available through MedTerra are odorless and tasteless for easy consumption.

CBD Gel Capsules

The CBD capsules are not as popular as the MedTerra tinctures. The majority of individuals choosing the capsules either prefer the convenience of consuming a pre-dosed, single capsule or do not care for the taste of hemp oil. The capsules are available in a bottle of 30, with a strength per capsule of 25 or 50 mg. The capsules generally work quicker than the oils. Since the capsules pass through the digestive system, the potency is usually slightly less. The effects do not last as long.

CBD Crystal Isolate

Med99 is their pure CBD Crystal Isolate. There are claims that this is the highest type of isolate available in the industry. The reason Med99 is so unique is that the extraction and packaging take place within 48 hours after the hemp plant has been harvested. This provides the product with an incredibly high level of freshness and stability as opposed to so many of the CBD isolate crystals available.

CBD Cream

The CBD pain cream from MedTerra is infused with both Menthol and Arnica. The icy effect ensures the delivery of fast pain relief through the skin’s dermal membranes. The cream is powerful because only 3.4 ounces contains 100 ml of CBD. It is said the cream is exceptional for overall aches and pains, joint pain, arthritis pain and sore muscles.

Melatonin + CBD Pills for Sleep

The MedTerra CBD sleeping pills have been consistently increasing in popularity. The pills have helped my wife with chronic sleep issues on several occasions. There are 25 mg of CBD and 10 mg of melatonin in each pill. Melatonin is a well known and natural sleep aid. For individuals with a sensitivity to melatonin, the tablets can be broken in half. The portion with CBD is placed beneath the tongue at bedtime. Approximately 90 seconds are necessary for the CBD to dissolve.

To experience the effect of the melatonin and the CBD, the pill is swallowed just like any other pill. One of the most common uses of CBD is as a sleep aid. The pills are expected to continue rising in popularity. The sleeping pills are very easy to take, with a fresh flavor of spearmint. According to anecdotal experiences and in addition to everything I have learned about MedTerra, my review of the company is excellent.

Where to Buy MedTerra CBD Oil

All of the MedTerra products are available for purchase in all 50 states. Orders for more than $125 placed in the United States receive free shipping. MedTerra recommends purchasing its CBD oil directly from the official website. There are sometimes coupons offering discounts for Medterra products available on the internet. Customers can save an average of 10 percent by signing up for the subscription service offered by the company.

There are countries unable to purchase MedTerra products. These are individuals living in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Refunds are available for customers not satisfied with any purchase. To obtain a refund, the product must be returned within 30 days.