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Sagely Naturals Review

CBD offers numerous different applications such as helping decrease anxiety symptoms, pain relief, protecting body systems from the aging process and enhancing digestive health. As the popularity of CBD has increased, the number of companies offering CBD products has skyrocketed. One of the best new companies in the market is Sagely Naturals. The company offers clean products tested in laboratories to fulfill the health needs of consumers.

Sagely Naturals CBD Review

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Kerrigan and Kaley are committed to a healthy and natural philosophy. The products only contain hemp derived from high-quality sources. Everything is simplified by focusing on a couple of specific ranges. The Sagely Naturals brand is reasonably priced due to the high-quality of the entire product line. Many of the substantially more expensive products available on the market do not provide the commitment to quality of Sagely Naturals.

The brand is definitely worth trying for anyone interested in a convenient and easy to swallow capsule or tropicals for rubbing into the skin. Considering the amount of CBD in the products, the prices for the topicals are very reasonable. Consumers can find almost any information related to CBD right on the Sagely Naturals website.


Sagely Naturals is an exceptional choice for consumers interested in body care products enriched with CBD of the highest quality. The products do not contain any harmful chemicals including sulfates, artificial colors and dyes, synthetic fragrances or parabens. A Ph.D. chemist has formulated all of the Sagely Naturals products using more than 20 years of experience. The company has made remarkable progress with a product line completely free of contaminants.

We have taken an extremely close look at Sagely Naturals, what the company stands for, the products being offered and the pricing to help consumers determine if this is a brand they can use with complete trust and certainty.

Behind the Scenes with Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2015 by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichols. According to the standards of the CBD industry, Sagely Naturals is considered an expert in the sector. The company was created because Kerrigan experienced all of the advantages of CBD personally. The final result was Sagely Naturals. Kerrigan had been coping with chronic pain for numerous years. One of her friends recommended using CBD honey.

Once Kerrigan tried CBD honey, she felt relief approximately one hour after consuming the CBD. Not only did she feel a lot of relief in her back, but she also started feeling better than she had for an extremely long time. This was the moment when she she started believing CBD could potentially change the lives of numerous individuals for the better. Both Kaly and Kerring strongly believe in the benefits of CBD. This was the foundation for the eventual creation of Sagely Naturals.

They both had the motivation to find a solution for individuals interested in experiencing all of the benefits available through hemp. The best part is there are no psychoactive effects because the products are made from hemp. Once cutting edge facilities and premium hemp was acquired and Ph.D. chemists employed, Sagely Naturals was founded. The goal of the company was the creation of CBD products the founders themselves would want to use.

They also wanted a treatment to help their mothers because both were suffering from aches and pains on a daily basis. The products sold by Sagely Naturals are made using non-GMO, organic hemp. All of the hemp meets the company’s strict standards for quality control. Kaley and Kerrigan place a lot of value on purchasing women-centered and consumer-friendly CBD products. At the same time, they are trying to dispel old myths linked to CBD.

Sagely Naturals places the focus on topical body care products infused with CBD. The product line includes sprays infused with essential oils, creams and headache roll-ons. All of the products are enriched with CBD. CBD capsules are the only non-topical product offered by the company. Sagely Naturals stands out from the competition regarding safety. provides current CoAs for every single SKU to confirm all of the hemp oils are free from contaminants including residual solvents, pesticides and heavy metals.

The bottom line is Sagely Naturals offers consumers much better CBD innovation and safety than so many of the other vendors in the current market. The company brand offers everything consumers are searching for in the vast number of CBD companies, premium quality, accessible and approachable products.

Sagely Naturals Prices & Savings

The cost of Sagely Natural products is between $20 and $50. The products are affordable. Due to the available range and high-quality of the product line, the products are priced reasonably. The prices for individual items are defined below.

  • Relief & Recovery CBD capsules cost $49.99.
  • The price of the Relief & Recovery Roll-On is $29.99.
  • The cost of the Tranquility Cream is $35.99.
  • The only option for the Relief & Recovery Spray is a two-ounce bottle. The price is $27.99.
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Sagely Naturals CBD Product Lineup

Due to the Farm Bill passing in 2018, the number of companies offering CBD products has substantially increased. Although this has expanded the options available, not all CBD products are equal. Trying to find the ideal product is often exhausting and extremely overwhelming. Sagely Naturals makes it easier by offering some of the highest quality products available. The products have been divided into two different sections, Tranquility and Relief & Recover.

CBD Tincture

They have full-spectrum capsules such as Panidiol Joint Formula that focus on a specific problem and give chronic pain sufferers a go-to medication when times get rough. Capsules are the most widely accepted ways to use CBD, but it’s not the only way, and we’re happy that Green Garden recognized this and expanded their product line to other forms of CBD.

CBD Capsules

CBD oils are also available at green Garden. They’ve got a multitude of flavors, sizes, and dosages to choose from so that you always get the right blend in the right amount. Just shopping through their CBD oils is a fun time for anyone who loves CBD.

CBD Candy

Not into oils or capsules and want an even funner way to take your CBD? You’ll find a host of gummies and other sweets to choose from, all of them infused with just the right amount of CBD for various needs. Dosages vary on the gummies as well, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

CBD Topicals

Finally, there are many topical applications of CBD to choose from, including salves and gel. They even have a CBD spray that you can use on achy muscles and joints. While many people prefer to ingest CBD, it’s also very useful to pain sufferers to apply it directly on painful areas. Sometimes this can be even more effective than the capsules or oils.

CBD Oil & Treats for Pets

Although American Shaman successfully fulfills the requirements of people, the company has also taken steps to meet the needs of pets as well. American Shaman has taken the time to develop special products for pets including tinctures. A tincture has been developed specifically for dogs to improve the development of both the fur and skin while managing joint pain.

In addition to the oils, dogs can enjoy treats containing peanut butter, coconut, milk, eggs and sausages. All of the treats have been infused with CBD to fulfill the health needs of special dogs. American Shaman has also created CBD treats flavored with catnip for special cats. The CBD products are ideal as supplements for cats or along with medications prescribed for any disease.

Sagely Naturals

  • All Sagely Naturals products are sourced from non-GMO, organic hemp grown in the United States.

  • The CBD cream is high-quality, capable of relaxing and soothing the user.

  • The official website for Sagely Naturals posts lab results from third-parties directly on the site.

  • All orders above $36 receive free shipping.
  • The CBD products offered by the company were created to help people get back to the activities they enjoy the most.

  • A percentage of all profits made by Sagely Naturals are donated to a non-profit organization called the Realm of Caring.

  • All of the CBD contained in the products is obtained using CO2 extraction technology.

Where to Purchase Sagely Naturals Products

Sagely Naturals products can be purchased directly from the official website on the shop page. Any customer spending a total of $36 or less will be charged a $3 flat shipping fee. Customers spending more than $36 will receive free shipping. In most cases, shipments are received in three to five business days. Any order placed after 11:00 p.m. Pacific Standard time will not ship until the next business day.

Sagely Naturals does not currently offer weekend or international shipping. According to the official website, this policy is expected to change in the not too distant future. The company provides full refunds for any customer not completely satisfied with the products less the cost of shipping.