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Savage CBD Review

Vaping is known because it’s risen so much in popularity. But have you ever enjoyed CBD vaping? As CBD products have continued development, the process of creating premium CBD vape has progressed. There are many ways to enjoy CBD now and you can choose which one is right for you and your body. We’re happy to help you stay informed so you can make an educated CBD purchase and know exactly what to expect. Savage CBD presents information with integrity backed by facts and produces products customers love. We’re proud of our lab-tested products and can’t wait to guide you through the wonderful landscape of CBD offerings. You can shop a full range of CBD products available in a variety of strengths.

Savage CBD Review

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The products from Savage CBD are lab tested, batch by batch. The careful quality assurance process guarantees quality, consistency, purity, and taste. Lab results are published for the public to review. Transparency is another highlight of Savage CBD.

The company makes a great effort to communicate openly and transparently with clients, vendors, and the public at large. Savage CBD publishes information in the form of videos and articles to provide education about CBD and show lab test results. Products are tested for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and any contaminants.

A great deal of effort is made to show customers how the products are created-from systems and processes to staff members. The company sources its CBD products by using the CO2 extraction method. This is a premium quality method that ensures the best product.

Plus, the company offers a military discount. After a brief verification of eligibility, you’ll be sent a discount code by email. Savage CBD engages with its audience on social media and they certainly interact too. Clients have shown how much they appreciate Savage CBD infused products, with 32,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 Facebook likes. Join the party by liking and following on social media-you’ll be eligible to win cool CBD products in giveaways that happen regularly.


The CBD Industry Market

The CBD segment accounted for $3.9 billion in 2018. This was due to the rise in the adoption of refined CBD products. The legalization of marijuana continues to grow, fostering a healthy environment for the CBD market to flourish.

More people continue to use CBD products for wellness purposes, further fostering the growth of the CBD market. Tinctures and CBD oils for personal and medical applications are projected to increase this segment’s growth. Pharmaceuticals infused with CBD for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis are expected to boost segment growth too.

About Savage CBD

Savage CBD produces products for a broad range of people looking to ease pain effectively. Based out of California, Savage CBD assists those dealing with ailments via premium CBD infused products. The company produces a variety of e-liquid flavors including Kiwi Dragon Berry and Fiji Melons.

Savage CBD Pricing & Discounts

Savage CBD products are extremely effective, high quality, and surprisingly affordable. No one should have to live in pain or anxiety with no tangible solution. Not only that, the solution should be reasonably priced. Savage CBD prices line up with the rest of the CBD market.

  • Vapable CBD range from $39.99 to $79.99
  • CBD Vape Catridges range from $39 to $60
  • 6-Pack of CBD Gummies are $29.99
  • CBD Tinctures range from $109.99 to $179.99
  • CBD Topicals, like Lotion, start at $59.99
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The CBD Product Selection Savage CBD Offers

CBD Vape Juice

When it comes to CBD vape juice, Savage CBD is on the top of the food chain. If you want the most flavorful vape, you’ve found it. Blow anxiety away with tasty puffs of your favorite flavor. There are six vape juice flavors currently available; Passion, Driven, Hustle, Serene, Vape Shot, and Tranquil.

CBD Edibles

Looking for edibles? Snack on yummy CBD gummies bursting with fruity flavor. The gummies are available in a package of six, containing 50 mg. Edible ingredients include a mixture of natural and artificial flavors. The CBD gummies stand alone as the only edible CBD product offered by Savage CBD.

CBD Tincture

Take CBD directly or add it to your drink in the form of a tincture. The tinctures are ready to use. They’re made of MCT oil, hemp seed oil, terpenes, and essential oils. Choose between three different strengths; 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg. Two simple and enjoyable flavors are available, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Lime.

CBD Lotion

Apply CBD topically with a moisturizing full-spectrum CBD lotion. Citrus undertones and lavender notes pacify the senses while 300 mg of CBD calm and soothe you.

Pet owners know that animals experience pain too.

CBD for Pets (Cats & Dogs)

It can be such an uncomfortable experience to watch your pet go through pain. A specially designed product has been created for your furry friends living with ailments. The pet CBD spray can be easily applied to their food or water with no mess whatsoever. The spray is available in a 60 ml bottle with 500 mg of CBD infused.

CBD American Shaman Selling Points

  • Nanotechnology
    American Shaman uses proprietary nanotechnology. According to the company, the products are nine times more bioavailable than any other CBD products currently available on the market. The result is faster products with a much more efficient absorption rate.

  • Wide Range of Products
    American Shaman offers consumers a wide selection of a variety of CBD products. Each consumer can find the ideal product for making CBD a part of their daily routines.

  • Compassionate Care Program
    American Shaman has placed the company focus on the welfare of consumers. For this reason, a Compassionate Care Program is offered to customers with chronic conditions, veterans and low-incomes to provide important discounts.

  • Affordable Products
    American Shaman wants its products to be available for everyone. The company has worked hard to help eliminate financial restraints preventing consumers from living a healthier life. Some of the products available from American Shaman are priced below $10. This proves quality is not necessarily expensive to be attainable.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
    American Shaman offers any customer not satisfied with their purchase a money-back guarantee. All orders purchased from the American Shaman website will be refunded within 45 days. The return policy for in-store purchases is 30 days.

  • Company Blog
    The American Shaman website provides a blog discussing different issues pertaining to CBD. Customers can read articles addressing nearly any information regarding CBD.

  • Organic Hemp
    Organic hemp is used for many American Shaman CBD products. Sustainable methods are used for growing all of the plants. The company has made a commitment to providing its customers with the best possible products while striving for a greener and more secure future.

  • Customer Service
    American Shaman has built a successful reputation for excellent responses, working with consumers to offer the best possible deals for products and trustworthy products. The company offers numerous contact methods including telephone, email, social media and a contact page on the American Shaman website.

Where to Buy American Shaman CBD

CBD is becoming increasingly popular among wellness and health circles. Unfortunately, this means the popularity is being taken advantage of by counterfeiters. To make certain only real products are purchased, American Shaman has created a website selling the products directly from the manufacturer. The company will arrange to have the products shipped to wherever the consumer is located.

For individuals interested in purchasing CBD products directly from a physical location, American Shaman provides physical locations. All of the locations are available on the official American Shaman website.