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Sol CBD Review

The market for CBD oil is exploding with growth and it only takes a quick glance to see a great number of CBD companies working to secure the spotlight for their own products. It is not difficult to become confused and overwhelmed with the many choices of CBD oil at your disposal. However, new and experienced CBD oil users in search of quality products on which to spend their money should check out the following review of Sol CBD.

Sol CBD Review

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Summary & Overall Rating

All things considered, Sol CBD is an excellent brand that is sure to increase its profile in the industry soon. Sol CBD is a small company but offers a variety of quality products to customers.

Sol CBD is based in the United States so it may be a little complicated for residents of the UK and other parts of the world to get their hands on the company’s products.

Sol CBD ships to all locations within the United States and its territories.


The Sol CBD Brand

Sol CBD is an original creation of Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. The couple are passionate advocates for CBD oil and have maintained several blogs on the matter over the years.

Larry and Oksana began their journey as life coaches that focused on ways to improve the health of the individuals they counseled. The couple eventually came to the conclusion they could further benefit society by producing high-quality products that contained CBD.

From the beginning, Larry and Oksana decided that complete transparency regarding the ingredients and quality of their products as the best course of action for them.

Every product created by the couple is immediately submitted for third-party testing. Once the results of these tests are received, Larry and Oksana post the results on their website for everyone to see. This practice ensures that customers are able to make fully informed decisions before purchasing Sol CBD products.

Sol CBD also offers 60-day money-back guarantees and will fully refund money to any customer who decides they are not satisfied with a product they purchased from the company within the 60-day period.

The Pros of Using Sol CBD Products

First-time customers of Sol CBD find many reasons to do repeat business with the company.

  • Product Variety
    The range of products developed by Sol CBD in such a relatively short time is quite impressive. The company may not yet boast of the extensive product list enjoyed by more established companies but Sol CBD is off to a great start.

  • Full Transparency
    The CBD products produced by Sol CBD undergo a rigorous testing procedure by a third-party entity before they are made available to customers. If you are a customer interested in these test results, you can find all the information you need under the name of each product on the company website before you commit to a purchase.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    It is understandable if first-time users of CBD oil experience a bit of doubt or fear regarding the many products on the market. Sol CBD addresses these concerns by offering customers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    You can rest assured that if you are dissatisfied in any way with a product you purchase from Sol CBD, you only have to alert the company to your dissatisfaction within the 60 day period to receive full compensation for your purchase.

    In addition to the tincture oil and capsules offered by the company, Sol CBD also offers products for the skin as well as liposomes.

Sol CBD Perks & Discounts

  • Sol CBD Oil Tincture Delivery Method
    The delivery method for Sol CBD tincture oils could not be more simple. You only need to apply the desired amount of oil under your tongue. Next, allow the oil to sit under the tongue for five to ten seconds before swallowing.

  • Sol CBD Oil Dose Measuring Dropper
    To help you measure your doses while you are trying to determine the perfect amount of oil for you, a 1ml dropper comes with the 300mg bottle. A 2mg dropper is included when you purchase the 3600 mg bottle.
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Variety in Sol CBD Product Selection

Sol CBD produces and delivers an assortment of CBD products for the benefit of customers. The company uses the highest set of standards for making each of these products and they all come with their own particular highlights.

Sol CBD Oil

The oil tinctures available from Sol CBD come in two strengths. The 300 mg bottle is available to customers who are relatively inexperienced with CBD oil products or who are fine with low medicinal doses. Customers who need a product that is a bit stronger should check out the company’s 3600 mg bottle.

The 300mg bottle is available in standard or cinnamon flavor. The stronger bottle is only available in the standard flavor.

MCT oil is the hemp extract that is used in the tinctures produced by Sol CBD. MCT use is believed to produce a stronger oil. It seems as if the reviews from both customers and industry experts back this belief.

Sol CBD Capsules

Individuals who either do not like the taste of CBD oil tinctures or who need to take their CBD dose while on the move, may want to try the CBD capsule produced by Sol CBD. These capsules provide the utmost dosing convenience and will mask the taste of the oil.

Each capsule provides 15mg of medicine and the 30 count bottles sold by the company contain a total of 450mg of CBD.

Sol CBD capsules are manufactured from hemp that is grown in the country using high-quality grow methods. The company also uses CO2 extraction methods to eliminate the possibility of dangerous chemicals getting into their product.

Sol CBD Liposomes

Sol CBD is counted among the handful of companies that make liposomal CBD products available to their customers. This product is basically CBD oil that can be dissolved in water. This is especially useful to customers who do not necessarily enjoy the taste of the oil. Liposomal CBD products can be combined with other liquids to craft the beverage of your choice.

The liposomal CBD product sold by Sol CBD is made with soybeans, egg yolks, and phospholipids extracted from sunflowers. Cannabinoids and terpenes are available in abundance for users of the Sol CBD’s liposomal CBD product.

The product also comes with a pump lid that makes it convenient to identify and use the serving size that is best for you. The recommended serving is four pumps of CBD liposomes in a glass of water or other beverage twice daily.

Sol CBD Skin Care

Sol CBD separates itself from most of the companies in the market with its two-product skincare line.

The company’s Nourishing Organics oil is a great choice for people who have no problem with their skin but are concerned with maintenance. Nourishing Organics oil will help the glow already present in your skin continue to shine and protect against signs of aging and deterioration.

The Healing Organics oil that is sold by Sol CBD is the better choice for people that need help with blemishes, lines, and spots in their skin. The Healing Organics oil is made with a high CBD content that provides the strength for intensive skin healing activities.

Sol CBD Customer Service

Customer service is a focal point of the Sol CBD brand. The company answers all emails promptly and also makes representatives available for live chats that can be accessed via the Sol CBD website.

The website design is also customer-friendly. All products can be viewed in one convenient tab so that it is not necessary to open multiple tabs to make a purchase decision.

Visitors to the Sol CBD website will also find a FAQ section that will prove sufficient at answering most customer questions before they are asked. Users will also have access to educational information pertaining to CBD uses, benefits, and other details.

The Cons of Using Sol CBD Products

Despite the many great points discussed earlier in the article pertaining to Sol CBD products, there have been concerns regarding the company.