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Questions or concerns about a CBD order?

If you have any questions or concerns about a CBD product order you should contact the vendor you made the purchase from directly. CBD Inka provides information, comparison shopping functionality, and genuine reviews of CBD products but does not sell directly. The vendors contact information should be within the order confirmation email you received upon purchase.

Looking for CBD product recommendations?

CBD Inka does not recommend specific brands over others. All CBD brands on our website have been 3rd Party Lab Tested to ensure quality, but individual preference and effectiveness of each brand can vary person to person. We provide all the relevant information for CBD users to make an informed purchase decision.

Business relations or advertising inquiries?

If you want a CBD company review written, your products listed, or featured on CBD Inka contact us at [email protected] Please include your 3rd party lab testing results for consideration.

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If your question wasn’t resolved above, or on our CBD FAQ page,  complete the contact form to get in touch!
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