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Tantalize the senses with the strong and aromatic flavors of orange and mint. The flavors balance each other out beautifully: mint provides relaxing and soothing properties while orange zest packs an antioxidant punch.

HempTaffy Chewy CBD candies are infused with deeply nourishing botanical organic hemp-extracts oil and peppermint oil.  They contain terpenes and bioflavonoids that invigorate the senses; helping calm nerves, uplift moods and relieve stress; and can alleviate tummy troubles, pain and dry mouth.  Formulated for fast sublingual absorption with non-psychoactive effects.

Hemp Taffy  is a full-spectrum industrial CBD hemp extract product that feeds the body’s deepest primal system [ECS] It is made with  farm fresh CBD Essence medicinal Hemp Oil . Grown in a sustainable fashion, without pesticides and is Non-GMO.  This 100% safe, premium organic CBD Oil is infused into wholesome, classic-style candies.