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CBD suppositories can be used to refine existing therapeutic regimens to greater effects. People, who have been prevented from using cannabis due to inability to administer via ingestion or inhalation, can potentially derive benefit from cannabis for the first time by using cannabis suppositories.

  • 50mg of CBD per suppository (500mg per pack)
  • Made with 100% organic hemp
  • Made with 100% organic coconut oil
  • High bioavailability

With a CBD suppository, initial effects will most often be noticed within 10-15 minutes after application, and these effects will usually last 4-8 hours depending on the physiology and tolerance for cannabis of the individual.


Green Garden Gold adds CBD CO2 extracted from naturally grown, USDA certified organic hemp plants from Colorado.

Nothing beats pain relief when you really need it. Our Panidiol­™ CBD for joint pain formula is an incredible CBD product designed specifically for, you guessed it, joints! We combined ingredients that have been positively correlated to inflammation reduction and relief associated with arthritis and joint pain, and then we added organic hemp extracted CBD!

  • 900mg – 15mg per capsule
  • 60 capsules per container
  • Omega 3-6-9

By combining the benefits of CBD with the benefits of these other ingredients our Panidiol Joint Formula reigns supreme over the competition. With a customer satisfaction of over 96%, there can be no doubt of Panidiol’s value to its users.

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