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Pet CBD Oil

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Just as with our human line of products, we use the best of ingredients for our canine hemp oil. After all, they’re family, too!

Beef & Cheese


300mg CBD per Bottle (10mg per 1mL)

1 to 24lb. Dog = .25mL
25 to 49lb. Dog = .5mL
50 to 99lb. Dog = .75mL
100 to 200lb. Dog = 1mL
(mL measure is on dropper)
2X Daily


Our feline friends steal the hearts of those who understand them. We cat parents take special care as our kitties age. Cats can be revitalized at all stages of their lives with Hemp Oil.

This CBD American Shaman Hemp Oil Tincture promotes long-term health and well-being. To help with your cat’s occasional stress, joint health support, and most of the same wellness needs we encounter in our human lives, they made a CAT CBD HEMP OIL TINCTURE.

American Shaman uses the best ingredients for our feline friends. After all, they depend on us! CBD American Shaman uses the highest quality Hemp Oil available containing high amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol). It is 100% Organic, Terpene Rich, Non GMO Hemp and has No Heavy Metals or Insecticides. Batch tested using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography.

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